Thursday, December 10, 2009

A Bag of Bones, A Naughty Christmas Letter, and More

I have been away from my blog this past week because I put all of my energy into my Christmas letter. Every couple of years I write a highly inappropriate Christmas letter and send it to three people. My letter this year is so over the line that I may only send it to two people. Anyway, I'm back. Here are a few things that have been going on in Santa Margarita the past couple of weeks.

1. I crashed the car.

I'm a busy lady. I was trying to read the mail and talk to Oliver at the same time. Apparently I forgot to put the Subaru in park and pull the e-brake. As soon as Oliver and I got to the front door of the house we heard a loud crash outside. It was dark and I assumed it was a murderer or something so we ran inside and locked the front door. Glenn found his car smashed against our truck and a tree when he got home from work at eleven o'clock. I tried to be positive about the whole thing. I told Glenn that he needed a new paint job on the door anyway, "Merry Christmas." Can you believe he was still angry? Then we found out the poor car was totaled.

We got a nice check and set out to find an Outback. Isn't she pretty?

You're welcome Glenn.

2. I sent my son to school with a bag of bones.

Oliver and I found an owl pellet on a hike. Some women may get excited about finding a beautiful pair of shoes. Owl barf really does it for me. We found a perfect specimen and began the joyful task of dissection. What kind of meal was it? Could it be a mouse? Look Oliver, a scapula! It turned out to be a bird. I collected all of the little bones and sent it to school with Oliver for show and tell.

3. Our Araucana laid an egg!

You can see how much darker her egg is compared to the Ameraucana egg.

4. California "Winter" is here.

Oliver and I have had a great time taking pictures of the rain and ice lately. Here are some of our shots:

"Why did it die?" By: Oliver

"Salamander" By: Oliver

"Mommy Splashing" By: Oliver

"Ice Oak" By: Jessica

"Enjoying the Rain" By: Jessica

"Cold Cactus" By: Jessica


  1. Such wonderful pictures. And what a neat mom you are-owl barf! Ah, the memories!!
    Really, more kids should have moms like you. Oliver is one lucky kid!
    And sorry (?) about the car.....but what a sweet new Subaru!

  2. That was a very interesting post. I always enjoy reading about your life. What a blessing in disguise that car incident turned out to be, right?
    Yeah, owl-barf - how exciting ;-) I wouldn't recognize it if I saw it. I bet Oliver will be a Veterinarian and a photographer for National Geographics....what a great beginning. You are really exposing that child to a wonderful world. I love all your pictures. Olivers and yours. I saved your ice oak and the cold cactus because they will make great desk tops for my computer (I hope you don't mind.)

    If we don't connect before Christmas, let me wish you a Merry Christmas and a very happy and healthy New Year to you and your family.

    p.s. you have got me so curious about your Christmas letter.... wonder who the chosen two people were?

  3. Nice photos by you and Oli, as usual. Can I just say, I am so excited to check the mailbox...:)

  4. oh goodness! I hope I'm still on the Christmas letter list!!! Love the pics.

  5. Your blog is always a really interesting read and you tell a very good story. I too would find the owl barf right up my alley :) I would only be more pleased if I could see the owl too.

  6. Thanks Sue, Doris, Erin, Andrea and Barbara!

    Use my pics anytime Doris.:) Merry Christams and happy New Year to you too. I send my inappropriate letter to a couple of my nurse friends (see above), my mom and sister.

  7. Jessica! WOW! You taught me something new with the owl vomit thing, lol. Didn't know about that until now. Sorry about your vehicles, but hey, it could have been much worse. Maybe Santa will park something in your driveway this Christmas, but alas, if not, then don't take it personal...I think Santa has been overworked this year. Good luck!

  8. Jess-I didn't know you guys were Subby owners, thats awesome. I don't want to drive anything else. I own an outback and my wife has a new forester, shee traded up from her 99 corolla and she is now hooked beyond belief. Sorry about the car damage and congrats on the new wheels

  9. I saw the blue car and how it suffered, it must have been a strong hit. I remember once when I was in a Reerve in Canada and there were some bears around and in the morning I saw my car and the bears literaly destroyed my car, it was a rough experience