Sunday, January 17, 2010

Tide Poolin' with Grammy

There have been so many changes lately here on the BB "farm" that I have fallen asleep too early to blog each night. I will post a quickie now, before it gets too late and I lose my will to blog. We have plans to build a fence to make a pasture for the goats, turkeys, and guinea hens arriving this Spring. I will have a lot of property posts coming soon, so I decided to post about life off the property.

Oliver had the "most fun day ever" yesterday looking at tide pools with his Grammy. I enjoyed my role as photographer. I know Oliver is going to love looking at pictures of himself and his grandparents in the future. I love seeing old pictures of me and my Grandma Maxine or Grandma Jean. Grandparents are a vital part of a happy childhood and Oliver is lucky to have four young, healthy, fun grandparents.

These Oystercatchers had a pretty good day too. Check out the satisfied look in the second picture.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

We Got a Puppy ( AKA Livestock Guardian Dog).

For some weekend excitement, our family went to a farm up the road yesterday to visit chickens and quail. On our way up the dirt road to the house, we saw giant white dogs hanging out with goats. Then we saw five white, fluffy puppies. The puppies are 14 weeks old and weigh over 40 pounds.

The farm owners told us the white dogs in all of the goat pens are called livestock guardian dogs. These dogs (part Great Pyrenees and part Anatolian) protect chickens, goats, and llamas from cougars, bears and other dogs.

So we decided as a family (Grammy and Pop, too) to get a dog to protect our goat babies and chickens. Glenn works on a sheep ranch locally and there has been a major mountain lion problem (killing sheep). Instead of an electric fence, we got a beautiful dog.

We went back to the farm today to pick out the best of the remaining puppies. Pop named her "Lotta," which is short for Whole Lotta Dog. Pumpkin is in love with his new puppy friend. After he got over the initial excitement of having another dog around, he cuddled with her next to the fire. Welcome to the family, Lotta!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

My Camera Sickness

I've been on call all week, so instead of getting tipsy on the 31st, I stayed sober enough to answer compelling questions like, "Is my fallopian tube coming out of my vagina?" Don't worry, it wasn't. I also spent the week taking hundreds of pictures. I have been a little sick about having my camera available for pictures. Driving home from work (without my camera), watching the blue moon rise, was agonizing. I also tried not to have a fit when I learned that we drove right by a golden eagle devouring its prey. I'm sure those "once in a blue moon" opportunities will present themselves again.

So what to do with the hundreds of pictures? I decided to pick my favorites and publish them here. I'm hoping to blog about something a little more exciting tomorrow. We will have to see how things turn out.

Slender Salamander

I took this picture for our new lip balm display.

Pumpkin Smiling

Blue Moon Behind a Tree

The neighbor's puppy stole Oliver's sword.

Frozen Bee