Saturday, December 26, 2009

My New (Slightly Used) Christmas Toy

I wasn't expecting anything for Christmas this year. After I crashed the car, I figured I had used up any extra Christmas money. My wonderful husband really surprised me this time. He got my parents and his parents involved and bought me a beautiful new camera. Now he is going to be faced with even more annoying pleas to stop the car. Stop the car, I have to take a picture of that long-horned cattle nursing her calf! Stop the car, I need to get a shot of that herd of elk!

Christmas was exciting for Oliver as well. He received great toys, books, clothes, a Mac Truck (the highlight of the morning) and a bike. And to think I actually worried he wouldn't have enough to open. After he put all of his new toys into a box (to save for later), he spent the rest of the morning playing with a wrapping paper roll, his trampoline and dirt. I know what I'm getting him for Christmas next year!

We finally pried him away from his cheap/environmentally friendly toys and forced him to try out his bike.

I convinced Glenn this morning that we needed to drive to the coast to practice taking pictures with the new camera. We bundled up and headed north of San Simeon to take pictures of the elephant seals. My new camera is a bit more difficult than my trusty old Olympus. I think I need to spend more time reading the manual and possibly take a class to get some better pictures. Here are some of our highlights from the photo shoot today.


Oliver, in his usual fashion, made friends with a cool couple from Santa Barbara. He sat with them and ate their picnic. Making friends with complete strangers is a piece of cake with Oli.

Some seal shots:


Glenn got this cute picture of Oliver holding my old camera. He looks like a little photojournalist.

Yikes-attack shots!


Oliver took this great pic of my camera from Glenn's shoulders. Isn't it pretty?

Here are Oli's seal shots:


  1. Oooo, I have to admit I'm a little bit green:-)

    Love the new camera, you've taken some very nice pics with it already. I'll bet in no time you will have it all figured out and be taking photos like a pro.

    You could always do what I do.... I give any new "gadget" to my husband. He figures out how to use and then tells me:-) It's cheating I know, LOL.


  2. Great Christmas surprise for you, Jess! The pics look great so it looks like you're mastering it already. I have a feeling we'll be flooded with all sorts of great photo surprises this coming year.

    And leave it to the kids to find the most unusual things to occupy them, i.e. the wrapping paper roll, haha! There's the saying that if you give a man a fish he'll eat for a day. Now there will be a new saying, give a boy a wrapping paper roll...

    Happy holidays to you and to Glenn and Oliver!

  3. Nice camera Jess. It looks like you're getting the hang of it already. By the way, there's a crazy cat behind you in the first photo.

  4. Hello Jessica. I am the Australian guy who ordered the lip balm from you -- and it arrived today and is a BIG hit with my friends. Thank you so much for sending it so promptly.
    Your photos are fantastic. I've bookmarked your blog so I can keep up with your exploits with the camera. Your Oliver is so cute. :-)
    All the best for a happy new year.

  5. Thanks guys! Rodney, I'm waiting for the night I wake up to find Otter standing over me with a knife in his paws. He is one frightening kitty.