Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving from the Hens

The chickens had one of their best Thanksgiving celebrations ever today. I went outside to investigate after hearing dancing and loud Mariachi music playing on the back deck.

All of the dancing helped work up strong appetites. The chickens dined on persimmons and sweet pumpkins for dessert.

Pepper even got a little drunk and tried to fight the cat.

Then back to the nesting box to relax and lay an egg. A perfect day!


  1. Know what, Jessica? I bet the hens were celebrating the fact that THANKSGIVING DAY is the best day to be a chicken instead of a turkey. Hope you, and Glenn and Oliver had the best Thanksgiving day ever!

  2. How cute! Persimmons? Lucky chickens. I love them too. Oh, boy! Let's not tell them what I had for Thanksgiving this year instead of turkey :-(

    Nice to hear from you, Jess. I trust you all had a nice Thanksgiving. I'm crocheting a little Christmas gift for my Christmas Giveaway on my blog for my Followers...keep your eyes open ;-)


  3. We fed our chickens (and turkeys) baked squash for Thanksgiving. It was all warm and soft and they were in heaven! They were very appreciative. I love the picture of the chickens on your deck. They do look like they were dancing!

  4. We've even seen cats eat baked pumpkin or squash - they love it too.

  5. Cute post, Jess and Glenn! I bet you guys have the happiest hens on the block!