Saturday, April 25, 2009

Wildflower Bike Ride

People who ride bicycles are cool. I do not own a bike. I do however want to support bike riding when I can. That is the reason Oliver and I got out of bed at 7:30 today. The annual one hundred mile Wildflower ride includes our country road (Parkhill). Oliver and I headed down the driveway to cheer on the riders and take photographs. EVERY rider waved, said good morning, or rang a bell for Oliver (and we watched the riders for almost two hours). I'm hoping these types of experiences will help inspire Oliver to love bicycles!

Here are a few of the shots Oliver took of the bicycle riders this morning:


  1. Good job, Oliver - his photos look really good. I'm so glad you went to support those guys. I think bicycle riders are cool too - and in great shape...and what a wonderful cause! Happy Sunday and Happy belated Earth Day - it really should be Earth Day every day, right?

  2. I enjoy bike riding. I have two bikes - one a regular mountain bike and the other a recumbent - you lean back on that bike and sit in a chair. Kids love this bike and when they see it they call out Hey lady, that's a sick ride. I'm told this is a great complement ;)

    Oliver, I hope you like riding bikes. They're lots of fun.

  3. Espen will be pleased. He convinced me to start riding and we're dong the 42-mile 5 Boro tour of NYC this Sunday. One of our regular rides in CT takes us by a chicken and sheep farm where I say hello in their native tongue every single time. I think my clucking has definitely improved :)

  4. I ride every chance I get, spandex and all. Its a great thing for old guys with bad knees -and man, we can go fast.

    Great pictures Oliver!

  5. My husband is an avid cyclist and my son seems to be following right along in his footsteps. I ride some, not as much as I used to, but I love it when we all load up the mountain bikes and spend the day on the trails in the woods.