Sunday, April 26, 2009

My Neighborhood

I’m proud to live on Parkhill Road. We have it all here on Parkhill, beautiful land with oak trees, neighbors growing vegetables to feed the neighborhood, donkeys, gun shots and meth labs (or so I’ve heard). On a typical walk you can encounter wildflowers, deer, friendly people, barking dogs, and people peering at you through the windows of their trailers, ready to shoot the moment your foot clears the property line. I checked and not a single Parkhill neighbor has made it on the registered sex offender list. Thank goodness there isn't an illegal drug list. I took pictures to give you an idea of the wide range of encounters one will have strolling around our neighborhood.

Oliver took this picture of one of the friendliest horses on our walks. I love being able to run into horses and donkeys just a short distance from the house.

Ahh, some of the beautiful wildflowers we saw on our walk.

If there is a dead deer within one mile of the house, Pumpkin will find it and try to bring its leg home to chew.

Look at the beautiful orchard just up the road with unique “dandy lions.”

This gate belongs to one of our friendly neighbors. The sign should say “shot, then eaten.”

Oliver, don’t touch that latex glove! We found this glove, an empty pack of cigarettes and a beer can on this stretch of road. Being a nurse, I guess I'm pleased they used a latex glove. Safety first but please don't litter!


  1. LMAO - and I thought this kind of stuff only happens in the South...Oliver's shot of the horse is priceless! What a funny angle!

    That wildflower photo reminds me of a painting by Monet - it's very artistic. I bet it would look great framed.

    Thanks for sharing and be careful!

  2. BTW - did you see a lot of bees buzzing around those wildflowers?

    Also, that poor horse looks like part camel from that angle (he, he, he)