Friday, September 10, 2010

Our Smelly Visitor

Even "experienced" parents learn new lessons all the time. What did I learn today? Never attempt to sneak up on a wild animal to take a photograph of it while holding your nine day old daughter.

Pearl and I were just settling down to read a book when I heard a funny scratching sound in the laundry room. Last night I heard the same sounds coming from the laundry room and managed to get a glimpse of a black and white tail escaping through the cat door. I needed proof that this was not just a large cat breaking into our house. I grabbed the camera, ever so quietly walked toward the laundry room, aimed into the darkness and took a picture.

This scared the "big cat" and he promptly lifted his tail as if to spray (I could see this with my flash as I was attempting to take a second picture-but wimped out instead). Pearl and I ducked around the corner and the skunk ran out the cat door.

I wanted to see if he was brazen enough to come back inside, so we waited patiently to see what would happen next. Sure enough, the skunk popped his head back through to check things out. I yelled at him to leave while his bum was still safely outside. Now our skunk friend is attempting to break down the barricade I have rigged in front of the cat door. Well, at least we have had a little excitement on this quiet Friday evening!

Here are a couple of pictures of Pearl while I am at it just to satisfy grandparental needs:


  1. Oh My Godstars! Now how would you go about discouraging the Skunk from coming in your home...egads! Did it spray anything? I hope not as you didn't mention it. Lucky for you that it did not!

    On a happier note, Goddess Pearl is stunning! What a cutie! And Big Brother looks quite taken with his Sister!

    Have a Skunk Safe Weekend! :)

  2. That is wild! Such a brazen little bastard! Glad you didn't get skunked, as I can only imagine trying to get that stank out of poor little Pearl. Also loving the Pearl pics! Is that a real yellow flower on her head?

  3. Let's face it, Jess, animals know you love them and that's why they are not afraid. I hope nobody or nothing got sprayed.

    Your daughter sure is beautiful and what a lovely name! I know she is your precious Pearl! I have mailed off a package from the post office today via Priority mail - a little something for the fam ;-) Please let me know when it arrives so I won't think it got lost.

    Love to all of you,
    Doris and Gizzy :-)

  4. Akasa, We have to shut the cat door every night now. Luckily I was able to find it! No sprays, thank goodness. Thanks, Oliver does love his little sister!

    Erin, the flower is fake! It made for a nice prop for pics.

    Thanks Doris!