Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Guineas, Melons and Alpaca Corralling

I have learned a valuable lesson. I will never again talk about erections on my blog. Using the word "erection" in a post title alerted the people at Viagra to the fact that I am now running a pornography site. So, if you see random advertisements from Viagra in my comment section, please disregard. Here are a few recent farm updates.

The Guinea Fowl Roost

Glenn is loving my maternity leave. He has all day to work on the many projects he has going around the farm. Yesterday Glenn finished the construction of the guinea hen roost and decided to paint it red (like we are planning to paint the barn). We will be moving the guinea fowl into their new home this Saturday.

Big Melons!

We ordered seeds for this large "Bidwell Casaba Melon" from the seed saver catalogue last year. Glenn picked this variety because it was developed in Chico, CA and he thought it would have a good chance in our climate. They are turning out to be huge and so tasty. We will be planting this variety again next year for sure!

Alpaca Grooming

A couple of weekends ago we decided the alpacas were looking a bit unkempt so we gathered them up for a morning of grooming. Alpacas are decently easy to corral. They can be captured with only an (extremely frightening) rope. I watched as Grammy and Glenn roped in the alpacas and began to wonder why we even built a fence for them. It seems like we could have saved some money and made a large enclosure out of ropes. You can see Leche and Serio (the goats) laughing at the alpacas in the photo below.

Grammy haltered all of the alpacas and then I began to work out Remy's knots.

We "let" Glenn brush Pablo because he is a bit more wild than the other two. It was fun to watch them dance.

Finally, all the boys were clean and I was able to snap one quick picture before they rolled in dirt.

Our audience: Oliver and my two cute nephews, Reid and Owen.


  1. Glenn- nice shorts!

  2. I can't believe I lost my comment!

    If this turns out double, just don't post it.

    I love your photos, as always. I love your blog the best of all. How are the bees doing? Do the Alpacas like being brushed? Your boy, Oliver, looks so healthy with his clear outdoorsey complexion and big eyes. Your two nephews are adorable too, especially the little guy on the left. He looks like trouble to me - just look at that face!
    Have you made goats cheese yet?

    The nerve of those goats, laughing at the poor Alpacas...Does that watermelon taste like a honey dew? I had a yellow melon once and I wasn't that impressed, but homegrown is always the best.

  3. I loved this AND your last post, but couldn't come up with anything witty enough to post. Hope all continues to go well with yourself, the family, and the bun!!!

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  5. There may not be erections in this one, but there is a half-naked picture of Glenn and some awfully big melons...;) And may I add that your melons are gorgeous! Oliver always did enjoy nursing a good melon, if I remember correctly. Okay, I'm done now. Another wonderful blog post:) And Andrea- I expect more from you! No witty retort? Shocking!

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