Tuesday, April 6, 2010

There's a Goat in My Bed!?

Oliver woke up this morning to find a goat in his bed. It is hard to express his joy and excitement in words. I would have to compare it to the feeling I might have if I woke up to find Johnny Depp in my bed. Johnny Depp with his "Don Juan DeMarco" haircut and scant facial hair. For Oliver, this morning was quite possibly the best morning that ever happened.

Glenn surprised us today with the first of our three goats. Our kid, "Leche" was separated from her mother last night. Leche's mom has been added to the milking line. Leche is old enough to eat on her own but still wants to suckle everything. We bought her some milk replacer and a bottle, and she seems much more content with her new situation. As you can see, the alpacas were extremely interested in our kid.

Leche LOVES Oliver. Where ever Oliver went this afternoon, Leche followed. They played in the front field, collected eggs, relaxed on the front patio and ran to Grammy's house to plant a lemon tree.

We planned on having Leche sleep in the barn tonight with some blankets. Just look at her sweet face. You can probably imagine where she ended up.


  1. What a life! I want to be Oliver - or at least the goat ;-)

    Don't even get me started on Johnny Depp...I don't know what it is about that man, but I actually dreamt about him last night - we were shooting a movie together - yeah, right, in my dreams...geeeesh!

  2. Thanks for commenting on my blog, you have a beautiful one yourself! Your photos are gorgeous, and I also appreciated the one of Johnny Depp!!!

  3. BB- I have been following you guys blog for over a year now and each time, I just can't help to think how incredible of a person lil Olli is going to grow up to be. You guys are doing a wonderful job introducing your child to the natural life:)

  4. Oh my goodness! She is soooo cute and I love the picture of her walking behind Oliver. Can I come live with you guys? If you're still working on names for the other goats, I was thinking about Cintura (waist) for the goat with the white belt, and maybe something like Matador de Lobos for the other. Just to keep them running...

  5. As I just said to Andy after reading this post "could this BE any f'ing cuter?! That is so great! Also, if Andrea gets to move in, so do I. Just saying...:) While I still really like my goat names, Leche is very adorable...

  6. What a fantastic life you lead!

    I should have read your blog before we saw you on Saturday....then I wouldn't have had so many questions about the goat!

  7. Thanks ATW, that is so nice of you to say.

    A&E- The BB house is always open for visits. You wouldn't want to live here full time-too much poop to clean up.

    Doris-I had a dream about Johnny that preceded this blog. I was trying to get him to kiss me but he wouldn't because he is such a faithful husband. It was SO frustrating!

    Rebecca- We had lots of fun with you guys! Hope to see you again soon. :)