Sunday, January 17, 2010

Tide Poolin' with Grammy

There have been so many changes lately here on the BB "farm" that I have fallen asleep too early to blog each night. I will post a quickie now, before it gets too late and I lose my will to blog. We have plans to build a fence to make a pasture for the goats, turkeys, and guinea hens arriving this Spring. I will have a lot of property posts coming soon, so I decided to post about life off the property.

Oliver had the "most fun day ever" yesterday looking at tide pools with his Grammy. I enjoyed my role as photographer. I know Oliver is going to love looking at pictures of himself and his grandparents in the future. I love seeing old pictures of me and my Grandma Maxine or Grandma Jean. Grandparents are a vital part of a happy childhood and Oliver is lucky to have four young, healthy, fun grandparents.

These Oystercatchers had a pretty good day too. Check out the satisfied look in the second picture.


  1. I miss the ocean so much! I lived in Australia for a couple years and I loved going to the beach to look for creatures in the little tide pools and cracks in the rocks.
    You're very lucky to live where you do :)

  2. I love the snail pic! Can't wait to bring Oli to the tidepools in San Diego! Woohoo!

  3. Is that a crab inside that blue shell? It's a really great photo. I miss Laguna Beach, Ca where I spent almost every weekend. The tide pools there were great!

    Glad Oliver's having fun with his grandparents and vice versa :-)

  4. You are so right, Jessica. You will all treasure these photos, more with each passing year.

    BTW your photography is AMAZING:-)