Sunday, May 24, 2009

Special Report- Bee Attacks Man, Man Turns into Rodent

My husband has a nice nose. Just look at the above photograph. It took a honey bee to help me appreciate the beauty of my husband's nose. One of our sweet bees was in a bad mood this weekend and decided she wanted to take Glenn down (he was quietly watching the hive from ten feet away). She circled Glenn a couple of times before stinging him right on the nose.

Is he a rat? Is he a squirrel? I haven't made up my mind. Thank you bee for reminding me what an attractive fellow I married. And thank goodness swelling goes away.

In other bee news, we decided to do another inspection this week and found that the hives seem to be strong. We found plenty of eggs and larvae in both hives and could locate both queens.

Here are a couple of fun honey bee pictures I took this week.


  1. OMG, that does look rather comical. Good thing he's not allergic to bee stings. That bee must've really been upset over something to be givuing her life up like that. They normally need a good reason to sting.

    Anyhow, those bee photographs are really excellent. I love the detail in the one standing by herself drinking water.

    Thanks for sharing. Hope the swelling went down.

  2. Yeah, it's weird isn't it! I'm still not fully convinced it was a honey bee. I suggested it might be a yellow jacket but he claims the bee was buzzing him. Do yellow jackets buzz?

    Poor little thing! I wish they didn't have to die after stinging!

  3. There always seems to be a persistent bee around the hive - you know - the one who follows you about 10-20 feet from the hive after you have fed them. Glad that your husband isn't allergic and I love the bee photos.

  4. I'm voting rat. And may I note, even with a bee sting, Glenn's nose is nowhere near as big as my own;)

  5. yeah, it's too bad they die after stinging, but the drones die after mating...because their you-know-what gets ripped sad is that?

  6. Great photos as always! I'm finally getting my bees this week - Thursday. Then it will be official. Yeah :)