Sunday, February 22, 2009

Eagle Alley

Three miles from our house is a place my mom named “Eagle Alley.” Collectively we have spotted several eagles in the trees next to the road and flying over our cars. The animal expert in our family thinks it may be a family of Bald Eagles. We have seen adult Bald Eagles and brown eagles which resemble juvenile Bald Eagles. Yesterday, on my drive to Farmer’s Market in Templeton, I observed one eagle in a tree next to the road. Later, on the way home, I saw two in the same tree. I drove home, grabbed my camera and set out to finally get a photograph of the eagles.

I parked down the road from the tree and walked to my destination. I only feared for my life once when a burly man in a pick up truck stopped to say, “Hey honey, you need some help?” I’m good, thanks. Country folks are quicker to help than average I've noticed. When I reached the tree, I was disappointed to find it empty. I watched the ground below crawl with small rodents and birds and I realized why the eagles have made this area their home. After waiting for 15 minutes, I started my walk back to the car. Just beyond my car were two eagles, doing an amazing dance in the sky. I ran back toward the eagles, frantically snapping pictures I knew would show nothing.

Here are the two actual eagle shots I got. Not great, but the show they put on was worth my time. Can you see it perched in the tree?

As an added bonus, right before I reached home, I almost drove into this rafter of turkeys. The male has such beautiful coloring. ~Jess


  1. I love your pictures of the turkeys! Julia

  2. In the past 10-20 years efforts have supported the return of the bald eagle to our region of New England. I sometimes see them gliding above my little acre as they traverse from body of water to body of water.

    And the turkeys ... The males have been dancing and strutting despite the snow still covering the earth. They KNOW spring is at hand!

  3. Thanks for this lovely glimpse of your nature life, Jess. I've not seen any eagles where I live, but I don't go out looking. I know there's plenty of wild turkeys here in the south - both kinds ;-) I do enjoy watching the hawks when they perch nearby. They are such handsome and proud animals.